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County Circuit Clerk

 Miller County Circuit Clerk

 Mary Pankey

Office Location

400 Laurel Street

Suite 109

Texarkana, AR 71854

Phone  870-774-4501

Fax  870-772-5293

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Closed Holidays


The Circuit Clerk is clerk of the civil, domestic relations, criminal and juvenile courts and also acts as the ex-officio recorder for the county. Duties include maintaining a record of all proceedings of the civil, domestic relations, criminal and juvenile courts, preparing the dockets for these courts, and preparing summons, warrants, orders, judgments and injunctions authorized by the circuit, domestic relations and juvenile court for delivery by the county sheriff. As ex-officio county recorder, the Circuit Clerk is responsible for recording deeds, mortgages, liens, surety bonds, and other orders and instruments which involve property within the county. Circuit Clerk Mary Pankey is committed to making public records filed in the office more available to the public and the office more user friendly. This website is being provided merely for the purpose of providing instructions as to the procedures of this office and in no way should be construed as advice pertaining to laws. The law prohibits the Circuit Clerk or any of her deputies from giving legal advice. Anyone needing legal assistance should seek an attorney.
It is the duty of the Circuit Clerk´s Office to provide a wide range of services to the public, judicial system, county government, law enforcement and other agencies.  The mission of the Circuit Clerk is to provide these services with pride, in an honest, professional and efficient manner while fostering a spirit of friendliness and cooperation.  Our “customer vision” is to see our services through the customer´s eyes and respond to their needs as a team.  

Constantly striving for improvement is a key goal of this office.
Office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. We are open during the lunch hour.


The Miller County Circuit Clerk, Mary Pankey, is offering a service to residents that will help protect their most valuable investment....their land and their home. Property and mortgage fraud is becoming one of the fastest growing white-collar crimes in the country. According to Pankey, property fraud can be as simple as someone recording a fraudulent document in the Circuit Clerk's recorder office, making it appear as if they now own your home or property. Once this step is complete, they can use your home as collateral on a mortgage or even attempt to sell your home to an unsuspecting buyer.

To address this problem, the Circuit Clerk's office has teamed up with Property Fraud Alert which is an internet based system that will automatically alert a land owner, via email or phone, each time there is recording activity on their property. Upon notification, the land owner can verify that this activity was indeed initiated by them and not by someone attempting to defraud them. Pankey further stated that this service is provided by the Circuit Clerk's office at no cost to the land owner. She invites all persons interested to contact her office at 870-774-4501 or stop by the Miller County Courthouse, 400 Laurel, Suite 109, Texarkana, AR.

Jury Duty

If your name is drawn for jury service, you will receive a questionnaire in the mail.  Please complete and return the questionnaire.  This means your name is listed on the jury panel.  Be sure to tear off the perforated section and retain for your record.  This section contains information regarding your term of service.
If your name is selected from the jury panel to serve on a jury, you will receive a card in the mail advising you of the date and time of service.  It will also advise you to call 870-772-5627 on a day prior to the court date to inform you if the court has been cancelled.
Jury service payments for time served is processed every two months.  If you report for jury service you will receive $15.00 for each day you report.  If you serve on a jury, your fee is $50.00 for each day of service.
Child Support Collection

Child support payments and the yearly maintenance fee of $36 (must be a separate check) can be mailed to the following address:  400 Laurel Street, Suite 109, Texarkana, AR  71854


Recording Fees of deeds, deeds of trust, mortgages, release deeds, powers of attorney, plats, survey plats, notary bonds, foreign judgments within the state, material man’s liens, les pendens and any recordable instruments - 15.00 for the 1st page, one side only and 5.00 for each additional page.  
Recording mortgage assignments, mortgage releases, and other instruments when multiple instruments are listed in a single document, an additional fee of 15.00 per instrument listed (not to exceed 300.00.) 

Requirements: (1) Original instrument on 8 ½” x 11” paper, (2) 2 ½” margin at right top of 1st page, (3) ½” margin on sides & bottom of all pages, (4) top right of 1st page reserved for recorder information,  (5) 1st page must contain title of document, name of grantor & grantee, (6) acknowledged in accordance with 16-47-207 with signature notarized, (7) must be legible, (8) must have name & address of person who prepared instrument on 1st page, (9) Revenue Stamps for  deeds, (10) self-addressed, stamped envelope for returning instruments. (14-15-402 & 14-15-403)
If requirements of 14-15-402 (b) (1) are waived for good cause, additional fee of 25.00 is applicable.
Plat & survey requirements: - Surveys – Not larger than 18x24 w/copy reduced to 8 ½ x 11 for scanning & have owner’s name on the survey.  Plats – Not larger than 18x24 with original signature.



Effective 01-01-2013, all UCC's are now to be recorded with the Secretary of State. (Act 942 of 2009).

If you wish to file a UCC on the county level, it will be indexed as UCC Misc. and requires normal recording fees. 

$15.00 for the first page and $5.00 each additional page.

COURT FILING FEES (21-6-403 & ACT 475 OF 2009)

Civil & Domestic Relations Court, including Civil & Criminal Appeals  $165.00
Reopening a cause of action in Circuit Court  $50.00
Court ordered transfer from any Arkansas District Court or County  $50.00
Filing Mortgagee’s or Trustee’s Notice of Default or Intent to Sell  $140.00
Process Server Application (Renewal - $50.00)  $140.00
Writs or Execution  $20.00  

Certificate of Authentication - $5.00    

Restitution Installment Fee - $5.00
Certificate of Assessment - $8.00     

Court Costs – Criminal - $150.00
Certifications & Seal (plus copy fee) - $5.00     

DWI Court Costs - $300.00
Copy Fee/Per Page - $1.00 & Plats - $5.00     

Issuance of Summon or Subpoena - $ 2.50

Searches – Our office no longer performs Civil, Domestic, Criminal, UCC or Lien searches.  Computer & index book searches are available in our office for public usage.  We will be glad to explain the process.

Criminal searches are for criminal justice agencies only & only by written request.  Requests for criminal  history information for non-criminal justice purposes should be made to the Arkansas State Police 501-618-8500 or the Central Repository Information Center(ACIC) 501-682-2222.  


Q: What is the difference between Circuit Court and District Court?

A: People are often confused about the difference between Circuit Court and District Court.  If you have been arrested for an offense, you will be charged in District Court if the charge is a misdemeanor.  Common misdemeanors include traffic violations, trespassing or some offense which usually requires a fine or a brief stay in the county jail.  You can appeal a District Court judgment to Circuit Court.

If you are arrested for a felony crime, you will be charged in Circuit Court.  Felonies are much more serious offenses than misdemeanors.  Felonies include murder, rape, armed robbery and major drug possession.
Questions regarding felony crimes or cases that have been appealed from District Court should be directed to the Circuit Clerk's Office at 870-774-4501.  Anyone arrested for a felony crime will be arraigned in District Court and then the case will be filed in Circuit Court.

Q: What's the contact information for the District Courts?

A.  For tickets or violations that occurred in the City of Texarkana – Call 903-798-3016.The City Division of District Court is located in the Bi-State Building at 100 N. State Line, Texarkana, AR 71854.
B.  For tickets or violations that occurred in Miller County – call 870-772-2780.
The County Division of District Court is located in the Miller County Correctional Center at 2300 East Street, Texarkana, AR 71854

Q: Where do I pay fines and restitution?

A: Fines imposed for misdemeanors are paid to the proper location above.
A: Fines, costs & restitution imposed by the Circuit Court are paid in the Circuit Clerk’s Office at the Miller County Courthouse.  

Q: What is the best way to look at public records filed in the Circuit Clerk's Office?

A: All current documents are being scanned and are available on the computer.  Older records thru 1999 are also available on the computer.  (The Clerk’s office has an on-going project to computerize all records.) There are two public work stations available to search these records.  Anyone may use the work stations to search the records during business hours.  Deputy Clerks are available to instruct the public on the use of the computer search program.  Copies of public documents may be printed at a cost of $1.00 per page.

Q: Are juvenile records available for viewing?

A: Neither juvenile records nor court records ordered sealed by a judge are available to the public.

Q: How should I dress to serve on a jury?

A: There is no official dress code, but "business casual" is a good guide.  Potential jurors should be comfortable, but should avoid extremes such as shorts, halter tops, inappropriate t-shirts and muscle shirts.
The important thing is to remember that this is where the people charged with a crime or sued in a civil case receive their rights to a fair trial under the Sixth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.  The courtroom is a place of respect, so please dress accordingly.  Serving as a juror is a fundamental obligation we all share as citizens of the United States.

Q: What are the requirements for serving as juror?

A: Arkansas Law requires the following qualifications:
1. Miller County Registered Voter
2. 18 years of age or older
3. Citizen of the United States
4. Resident of Miller County, Arkansas
5. Sound mind and good moral character
6. Able to read and write the English Language
7. Must not have served as a juror in Miller County in the last two years
8. Must not have been convicted of a felony that has not been pardoned or expunged.

Q: If serving on a jury is not convenient; can I be excused from jury duty?

A: Only the judge in a case can excuse a person from jury service.  A person may be excused if the court finds that either the state's or the juror's interests or those of the public will be materially injured by the juror's attendance.  The law does not allow a person to be excused for economic reasons or business reasons.  Potential jurors may speak to the judge about special circumstances, but there are no guarantees that anyone will be excused.

Q: What do I need to know to bid on foreclosure sales?

A: All property is sold "as is" with no warranty.  The Circuit Clerk's Office does not perform land searches.  Individuals may use the Circuit Clerk's Office public computer stations to research the history of the properties or hire a title or abstract company to perform this type of search.  In most cases, the legal description is all that is available in the court file.  Anyone wanting the physical address of the property must seek this information from other sources.  The Circuit Clerk's Office only handles judicial foreclosures or sales ordered by the court.  All non-judicial foreclosures are sold in the main hallway of the courthouse.  Information on each sale is posted on a bulletin board outside the Circuit Clerk's Office.  The postings are made by the law firm handling the foreclosure.

Q: Can I prepare my own land deed for filing?

A: Yes, you can, but understand that if there is an error on that deed, such as an incorrect land description, it may cause legal problems years from now for your children, grandchildren or other decedents.  When filing important documents like a deed it is always best to use an attorney or title company.

Q: Does the Circuit Clerk's Office have blank forms for such things as deeds, mortgages, divorce, name change, etc.?

A: We do not provide any legal forms for deeds, mortgages, etc. or any Circuit Court cases.  If what you are filing is important to you, we recommend you contact an attorney or title company.  Some forms are available on the Internet.  For a form to file a pro se divorce, go to  This is for a divorce without children involved or major property disputes.  If children are involved, it is advised you retain an attorney.  That website also has forms for such things as a collection agency stop contact letter, expunging of criminal records, a waiver of court and service fees, and other legal forms.  The Circuit Clerk's Office employees may NOT offer legal advice or fill out these forms for you.  It is important that if you start a legal proceeding it be followed through until completion.  For example, if you file a divorce case without an attorney, follow up and make sure a final divorce decree is issued in the case

Q: Can I file my DD-214 in your office?

A: Yes, those who have served in the military can file their DD-214s in the Circuit Clerk's Office. There is no fee for this filing.

Q: Where do I file my notary information?

A: Notary information is filed in the Circuit Clerk’s office. For more information on becoming a Notary Public, see the Arkansas Secretary of State web site.

Q: Can I get a copy of my marriage license?

A: Marriage licenses are located in the Miller County Clerk's Office.  For more information call 870-774-1501.

Q: How do I obtain a copy of a birth or death certificate?

A: If the person was born in Arkansas, contact the Bureau of Vital Records 1-800-637-9314.

Q: My former spouse is not making child support payments.  What is the Circuit Clerk going to do about it?

A: The Circuit Clerk does not enforce child support payments.  The office only processes payments and keeps the official record of how much is paid.  You should contact Child Support Enforcement at 870-772-3343 or contact an attorney.